Your ultimate guide to starting and getting the most out of your new tenancy agreement

Your ultimate guide to starting and getting the most out of your new tenancy agreement

In many situations, landlord and tenant relationships are always bad. They stem from simple issues with the character on both sides to maintenance and then move to issues of finance. Keeping this relationship cordial is not magical. With our simple 4 tips, landlords and tenants will be in good terms in no time, especially at the starting point of the tenancy agreement: renting, moving in, and staying.

Documentation of all Details

In every real estate investment or purchasing you do, you need to thoroughly document that. This would help in planning and serve as prove for your actions. If it’s possible, try to keep records in the form of documents (written or typed), pictures, and videos.

Documenting whatever you do, leaves no room for any sort of debate or doubt on behalf of either the landlord, tenant, an investor, or agent.

Ensure transparency

Whatever records you keep either as a landlord or tenant, it’s good to let the other party have a look at them. So the pictures, the videos, and documents you’ve made out of the contract should be shared.

It’s very important to do this because it shows that there is transparency in whatever each party does. It also eliminates any form of confusion and assures both sides that “we are all on the same page”, strengthening trust.

Focus on the hot spots

As a landlord, there are hot spots you should focus on to make the tenant satisfied. For instance, you should always pay attention to bathrooms and kitchens. Appliances, when damaged, are difficult to repair and these two rooms contain the most appliances in a home. As a landlord, you should try and keep these two places, and also the entire house, in good condition at all times.

If you are a tenant, you should also know that the kitchen or bathroom, even though you rented it, is not your property. You shouldn’t treat it carelessly because it’s not yours. Make sure that everything you came to meet there is intact at all times, even after you’ve left.

This will ensure that landlords do not receive unbelievable expense reports. Tenants will equally not have too many complaints about simple housing issues. And the relationship will exist for a long time.

Be proactive

In order to save time, especially during the early stages of the tenancy agreement: inspecting, renting, and signing the documents, both sides need to be proactive. Each side should be acquainted with the importance of the process, the documents, and the inspection reports.

This ensures that each party is aware of what is going on. It also saves time and money for both the tenant and the landlord.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, always pay attention to your part of the deal. Make sure you understand everything. And ask to have things clarified for you if you don’t have an idea of what is going on. This will ensure a cordial, long-lasting relationship between the two of you.

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